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If you’re looking for an organisation that specialises in line stopping services throughout the UK, then you’re in the right place. At RDS Pipeline Isolation, we specialise in line stopping for clients all over the UK plus a variety of other services. We can also provide you pipe freezinghot tapping and under pressure drilling. Line stopping is a process used to isolate a section of “live” pipeline. With isolating the section of pipe in question, total shutdown of the business/premises can be avoided and thus isolating sections of the pipe for repair, maintenance, replacement or reconfiguration. At RDS Pipeline we pride ourselves in an excellent service, an outstanding experience. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today for nothing but reliable and efficient line stopping services.

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What is LineStopping?

Line Stopping is a very effective technique to shutting off a section of a “live” pipeline. The benefits of this method means that the entire premises will be able to continue to function throughout the day and night pretty much as normal, except for perhaps a very small section. The line stopper is in effect, a temporary valve, and serves as a point of control. Linestops can also be done in pairs with a bypass inbetween, therefore allowing you to keep the whole system live whilst doing the approved works. By using the Line Stopping technique, it has the benefits of;

• Avoiding total shutdown costs and minimizes economic loss

• Provide safer repair and maintenance working conditions

• Stay in control of the flow of the pipeline

• Enable engineers to be able to work freely without constraints that total shutdown would put upon them

• Assist communities with a fast and effective option for quick repairs

With a total system shutdown, there are numerous additional risks, including backflow, boil orders, possible contamination and plugged water meters.

Due to the compartmentalizing nature of Line Stopping, this safer and secure method is much preferred by many leading firms and vendors, and it has become an essential go-to specification for many engineering repairs.