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Hot Tapping – Are There Any Size Limitations

hot tapping

When it comes to hot tapping, one intriguing aspect that often raises questions is the consideration of size limitations. You might be surprised to learn that while hot tapping can be a versatile technique, there are indeed factors that come into play when determining the maximum size for successful hot tapping operations. Understanding these limitations […]

Pipeline Maintenance – Is Hot Tapping Right For All Types?

Maintenance of Pipelines

Hot tapping has become a popular method for the intervention of pipelines, but its suitability across all pipeline types may not be a seamless affair. While the concept of hot tapping sounds straightforward, the devil lies in the details. Variations in pipeline materials, sizes, and contents can significantly impact the feasibility of hot tapping applications. […]

4 Reasons Why Line Stopping is Important in Pipeline Maintenance?

Line Stopping

When it comes to maintaining pipelines, think of line stopping as a crucial pit stop during a long race. It serves as a strategic pause that allows for necessary repairs and adjustments without bringing the entire operation to a halt. But why is this pause so vital in the grand scheme of pipeline maintenance? Well, […]

Is Hot Tapping Dangerous

Hot Tapping Procedure

Hot tapping holds hidden hazards that demand your attention. When considering the potential risks involved, it’s crucial to weigh the safety implications carefully. From the high-pressure environment to the importance of precision, the dangers associated with hot tapping are multifaceted. Stay tuned as we uncover the complexities and essential safety measures required when dealing with […]

Hottapping – 5 Reasons Why It’s Beneficial


You might not realize it, but hottapping could be the key to maintaining uninterrupted operations in your pipeline infrastructure. Imagine being able to carry out necessary maintenance or modifications without shutting down the entire system. This technique offers a solution that not only saves time and resources but also ensures the smooth functioning of your […]

Discover How a Linestop Works in a Water Main?

Linestop procedure

When a water main requires maintenance or repairs without disrupting service, a linestop is a strategic solution utilized by professionals. Have you ever wondered how this procedure seamlessly isolates a section of the water main while it remains operational? Understanding the intricacies of how a linestop works can shed light on its efficiency and vital […]

Is Pipework Covered By My Home Insurance


Wondering if your home insurance covers pipework? The answer might surprise you. Understanding the intricacies of what your policy includes can save you from unexpected expenses. Let’s explore the nuances of home insurance coverage for pipework to ensure you’re prepared for any unforeseen plumbing mishaps. Key Takeaways Most standard home insurance policies cover sudden and […]

Pipework – Explaining the Different Types


Did you know that the majority of new pipework installations in the UK favour copper? The variety of materials used in pipework serves different purposes and functions. Understanding the differences between copper, PVC, galvanized steel, PEX, and CPVC pipes can greatly impact the efficiency and longevity of your plumbing system. Each type has its unique […]

Line Stopping – What Are the Risks?

line stopping

Picture a vast network of pipelines coursing through various industries, carrying vital fluids and gases. Now, imagine the repercussions if these lifelines were abruptly halted. The risks of line stopping are multifaceted, ranging from the insidious effects of corrosion to the sudden release of pent-up pressures. Yet, there is one overlooked danger that could have […]

Cold Tapping and Hot Tapping – Discover the Differences

Hot tapping and cold tapping differences

Did you know that approximately 80% of pipelines worldwide require some form of tapping during their operational life? When it comes to hot tapping and cold tapping, understanding the differences is crucial for successful pipeline maintenance and modifications. From the temperature variances affecting the process to the equipment distinctions used, each method has its unique […]